ICLASS 2021 will feature a series of technical and visually impressive videos demonstrating various areas of research from the atomization and spray community.

We’re looking for videos exemplifying leading-edge visual representations of sprays and atomization processes, in both simulated and experimental environments. The goal of the gallery is to present state-of-the-art of spray visualization.

We encourage each contribution to include integrated analysis of the phenomenon under presentation. Please see these example videos from ICLASS 2018 as demonstrations of engaging visuals combined with technical analysis; thank you to all of the previous authors for their submissions and for allowing us to share their work.

All videos should be focused on science related to the ICLASS field of study and presented without advertisements or bias towards specific hardware, software, etc. The organizers will provide any necessary clarification, and maintain the right to refuse any submission that is deemed commercial or outside of the intended scientific focus of the Gallery.


Submissions from experimental and simulated environments are equally welcome and encouraged.

 ICLASS 2021 Gallery Key Dates & Information

 Due Dates 2021:


MP4 Video

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (16:9) is recommended and appreciated.
  • Length: Maximum of 3 minutes. Recommended minimum of 2 minutes.
  • Audio: No audio will be played during the conference.
  • Title Slide: Download the Title Slide template for: PowerPoint or LaTeX


Please submit by clicking on the links below to upload your files:

Gallery Title Slide


Gallery Video


Additional Information:

  • At least one video author must be registered for the ICLASS 2021 conference for a video to be displayed in the online Gallery.
  • Authors of papers may use the Gallery to feature visualizations from their work, but this will not take the place of any presentation and is treated as an independent submission. Each video for the Gallery should present the material as stand-alone content with proper context and analysis included.
  • Gallery Title Slide must be presented at start of all videos; using the provided template format.

Gallery organizers reserve the right to reject any video. Authors will be made aware of any such decisions with an explanation.


All questions should be directed to Kyle Bade at Kyle.Bade@spray.com  

Your excitement, contributions, and patience are appreciated as we organize this inaugural Gallery of Atomization & Sprays!