Every three years the international community convenes at ICLASS to share information, experiences, and technical advances in liquid atomization and spray systems optimization. 

ICLASS 2021 will continue this tradition by providing a venue for industrial experts, academic researchers, and students to participate in various spray and atomizer discussions, events, and colloquia.

ICLASS 2021 will be hosted by the University of Edinburgh and will be held virtually. Edinburgh is the sixth-oldest university in the English-speaking world.

To register your interest in attending ICLASS 2021 please email iclass2021@ed.ac.uk to be added to the list to be notified when registration opens.

We anticipate colloquia in the following subject areas:

  • Atomization/atomizers
  • Materials processing (Drying, Encapsulation, and so on)
  • Liquid drops and Interfaces
  • Atmospheric, agricultural sprays, including aerosol
  • Nozzle flows / Internal Flows
  • Fuel sprays & Combustion
  • Biomedical and bio- sprays, including COVID19 related studies
  • Diagnostic techniques
  • Numerical methods I - Sprays and atomizers
  • Numerical methods II – Liquid Interface / Drop physics
  • Mathematical modelling of Sprays, drops and interface
  • Miscellaneous